A few less students

There were ninety-one fewer students enrolled at SDSU for fall semester 2011 than one year ago, the first drop in enrollment since 1999.

However, the total head count of 12,725 is still the second highest mark in school history and only a .71 percent drop. Enrollment in doctorate programs climbed to 325 for a 13.6 percent gain over 2010. Additionally, enrollment increased 10.1 percent (to 370 students) in pharmacy and nursing professional

practice programs.

Overall, enrollment in graduate programs totaled 1,734 students, a drop of twenty from the 2010 record mark.

Systemwide, South Dakota’s six public universities experienced the first decline in enrollment in thirteen years as fewer students took more credit hours. The drop was about 1 percent, or 337 students. Enrollment sat at 36,103. But the full-time equivalent count increased to 26,719.

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