The Carrot

Jack the Jackrabbit’s recent aversion to carrots might be due to the fact a certain carrot has been tormenting him in recent years.IMG_1768

It’s not your typical carrot, just like Jack is not the typical jackrabbit. Instead of being part of someone’s diet, this carrot exists to tease and torment the state’s favorite mascot.

After a talk with someone closely associated with the carrot, that individual recalls Jack chasing the carrot across the Coughlin-Alumni Stadium field at the 2014 Hobo Day game before both ran into the stands. He remembers both crowd-surfing a bit, too.

However, the carrot decided to give Jack a break until the 2016 Summit League Basketball Championships in Sioux Falls. The carrot needed some time to think of new antics.

“If it takes a carrot running around and tormenting Jack to help get students and the crowd to cheer, that’s what the carrot will do,” says the source, who was not authorized to speak publicly. “Like Jack, the carrot cares a lot about the university and athletics.”

The carrot, which has developed a cult following, poses for a lot of pictures, just like Jack, and likes the fan interaction.451U0066

The carrot looks forward to the Jackrabbits’ 2017 football season, particularly the home opener Aug. 31 against Duquesne. In addition to having high expectations for the Jackrabbits on the gridiron and basketball court, the carrot has high expectations about what’s next for Jack and new ways to tease. “I can’t say what, but the carrot
will be ready for that Thursday night game,” said the source.

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