Move-in at South Dakota State

Move-in day has changed over the years at State. Instead of seeing countless horse trailers carrying the items of incoming freshmen, hundreds of Meet State volunteers—many driving golf carts—help guide the students and their families to their new home.

President Barry Dunn and his wife, Jane, can be found among those hundreds of volunteers unloading cars and trucks and then delivering
the items to one’s room.

Instead of building bunk beds outside the residence halls, many rooms already come equipped with those items, saving many fathers and others from bringing a load of lumber and tools.

Move-in day is now part of a welcoming weekend, featuring a welcome picnic, Convocation, ThumpStart, a Student Engagement Expo and residence hall meetings, where students can get to know their community assistant and other residents in the building.

Photos Courtesy of SDSU Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library & UMC

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