Look what were doing

More than 600 guests attended the 2012 Donor Celebration in Frost Arena.

Entering the final year of It Starts with STATE: A Campaign for South Dakota State University, the SDSU Foundation’s annual Donor Celebration has outgrown every facility on campus but one:
Frost Arena. The 2012 Donor Celebration used the theme “Look What We’re Doing” to highlight the progress made on campus through private gifts.

Through April 26, It Starts with STATE had received $184.5 million in pledges and gifts from 20,544 different donors. By June 1, those numbers had grown to $186.1 million from 20,823 different donors.

Members of the Foundation’s Lifetime Giving Societies, including 90 new honorees, now account for more than $325 million in support to South Dakota State.

“Whether you work on campus, visit here every few months or only once a year, the impact of this campaign is unmistakable,” Foundation Chair Kevin Roberts ’78 told the crowd of more than 600.

Here is a sampling of the difference donors have made at SDSU through gifts to It Starts with STATE.

View the Donor Celebration photo gallery at: www.sdsufoundation.org/donor-celebration-2012

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