Class Notes


Brian Faltinson ’94 and Michele De’Brabant – July 27, 2013. They live in Palmyra, WI.

Cheryl Jacobs ’95 and Sheldon Finley – June 29, 2013. Cheryl is employed at Presentation College. Sheldon is employed by the Hoven School District. They live near Chelsea, SD.

Annie Spaulding ’04 and Eric Hanson ’06 – January 18, 2014. Annie is the alumni relations director at the SDSU Alumni Association. Eric is a personal trainer for the Powershop Gym. They live in Brookings, SD.

Stefanie Kranz ’08 and Matthew Roby – October 25, 2013. Stefanie is a physician assistant at Brown Clinic. Matthew is a producer at Fischer Rounds and Associates. They live in Watertown, SD.

Jessica Erickson ’06/PharmD ’08 and Brian Toops – August 10, 2012. Jessica is a hospital pharmacist for Mayo Clinic. Brian is a business intelligence developer for Cargill. They live in Rochester, MN.

Bailey Baird ’08 and Nick Wintersteen ’07 – July 20, 2013. Bailey works in International Customer Service at Daktronics. Nick is a mechanical engineer at Daktronics. They live in Sioux Falls, SD.

Emily Roby ’10 and Chris Doblar ’09 – October 12, 2013. Emily is employed at Complete Nutrition, Rodan and Fields. Chris is employed at Menard’s. They live in La Crosse, WI.

Emily Powell ’11/MS ’12 and Mitch Kranz ’10 – July 13, 2013. Emily teaches at Presentation College. Mitch is a teacher and coach at Aberdeen Central High School. They live in Aberdeen, SD.

Brooke Paulson ’11 and Reed Leibel ’10 – August 10, 2013. Brooke is an interior designer in Brookings and owns Madison Avenue Dance Studio. Reed is a commercial project manager at Midwest Glass. They live in Brookings, SD.

Vanessa Puetz ’12 and Stephen Plucker ’08 – September 27, 2013. Vanessa is a registered nurse at Ortonville Area Hospital and Stephen is a whey process supervisor at Valley Queen Cheese Factory. They live in Milbank, SD.

Julie Nelson ’11/PharmD ’13 and Jamison Niewoehner ’11/PharmD ’13 – August 3, 2013. Julie is a pharmacist at Claremore Indian Hospital in Claremore, OK. Jamison is a pharmacist at Walgreens in Tulsa, OK.


Michele (Meyers) ’04 and Brian ’04 Johnston, a boy, Layne Paul, born February 15, 2014.Michele is an RN at Sanford Health Bismarck. Brian is the GIS coordinator at the North Dakota USDA-NRCS. They live in Bismarck, ND.

Stacy (Burmeister) ’07 and Alex ’07 Benner, twin girls, Kennedy Lynn and Emerson Ann, born November 29, 2013. Stacy is an account manager for Simply Well in Omaha, NE. Alex is an optometrist with Vision Care Clinics in Iowa and Nebraska. They live in Blair, NE.

Adam ’07 and Heidi Lewis, a girl, Anna Sue, born November 25, 2013. Adam is a health educator and Heidi is an office manager at Avera McKennan. They live in Sioux Falls, SD.

Amy (Anderson) ’08 and Michael ’06 Nelson, a boy, Knox Anders, born December 8, 2013. Amy is an EMR analyst at Pipestone County Medical Center and Michael is employed at Greg’s Welding. They live in Pipestone, MN.

Lisa (Carlson) ’08 and Matt ’07/PharmD ’09 Olsen, twins, Gavin and Lauren, born January 9, 2014. Lisa is a registered nurse at Sanford Health. Matt is a pharmacist at Hy-Vee. They live in Sioux Falls, SD.


Colette (Adrian) Kessler ’89 recently received the Legacy of Conservation Award from USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service for her contributions to the agency’s “Unlock the Secrets in the Soil” awareness and education campaign. She lives in Pierre, SD.

Kathleen C. Campbell ’73 received the Scholar Excellence Award from Southern Illinois University Carbondale Chancellor at the Faculty and Staff Excellence Awards on April 28, 2014. She lives in Glenarm, IL.

Larry D. Marquardt ’72/MEd ’73 recently retired from his position as library director at Des Moines University after 27 years of service. Larry continues to serve as a commissioner in an appointed term for the Iowa Commission of Libraries. He lives in Clive, IA.

Lt. Col. Reid A. Christopherson ’82/MS ’86 has retired from the military after almost 40 years of service. He will now assume the duties of executive director of the South Dakota Wheat Commission. He lives in Garretson, SD.

Marian (Tagtow) Davenport ’66 was recently selected to serve on the Chancellor’s Board of Counselors for the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She lives in Valentine, NE.

Richard S. Steece ’73 is the new director of the Tennessee Department of Health’s Division of Laboratory Services. He lives in Nashville, TN.

Robert H. Miller ’75 ran his display “Glow Pop! Art” at the South Dakota Art Museum from February 15 – June 1, 2014. He lives in Rapid City, SD.

Robert L. Hanna ’63 has written a book titled “Take Your Idea to the Marketplace.” The book walks a person through the steps in developing an idea and is based on his experiences in developing his own idea. He lives in Rock Island, IL.

Ronald R. Green ’58 was inducted into the Arizona Veteran’s Hall of Fame on October 25, 2013. This is an honor that encompasses both his military service and his contributions to veterans following his separation from active service. He lives in Cave Creek, AZ.


1938 Gerald G. Frick
1940 Hildur M. (Lundy) Jaffe
1940 Roy N. Masson
1940 Wayne L. Skow
1941 Betty B. (Morse) Starkey
1943 VeLoris V. (Vasgaard) Daugaard
1944/MS ’59 J.W. “Bill” Ulmer
1945 Corrine (Abrahamson) Bidwell
1947 Sherwood O. Berg
1947 Louise L. Hullinger
1947 Mary F. Schaffner
1948 Marguerite F. (Pirmantgen) Gray
1948 Gordon G. Jamison
1948 Barbara N. (Nelson) King
1948 Francis I. King
1948 Maurice C. Wintrode
1949 John M. McGregor
1949 Ruth P. Ronning
1949 Vern C. Woodard
1950 Colletta J. (Lines) Auen
1950 William K. Hayenga
1950 Darrel D. Pahl
1951 Glenn L. Atkinson
1951 Billy R. Beck
1951/MS ’55 Niel A. Dimick
1951 George P. Geones
1951 Patrick D. Lynn
1951 Charles R. Rush
1951 Russell C. Wirt
1952 Jess M. Ondell
1953 Marjorie J. (Rockwell) DeBoer
1953 James B. Wattier
1954 Jule D. Moravec
1955 George W. Cook
1955 William Steever
1956 Louis R. Behl
1956 John H. Leverenz
1958 Helen W. Lietz
1958 Larry D. Sheppard
1959 Richard A. Hesby
1959 Walter W. Johnson
1959 Donald C. Wiebel
1960 Sandra R. (Lee) Aamlid
1960 Rodney R. Bjorklund
1960 Allyn D. Frerichs
1960 Roseanne (Giannonatti) Jackson
1960/MEd ’69 Richard A. James
1960 Arthur R. Sandene
1960 Harold C. Thue
1960 Richard C. Todaro
1961 David K. Acheson
1961 Pierre S. “Steven” Mccollam
1961 Luverne L. Renner
1961 Bruce C. Zenk
1962 Donna M. (Langland) Hansen
1962 John J. Vossler
1964 Gary D. King (Aggie ’55)
1965 Keith W. Bokelheide
1965 (MS) Gordon D. Jeppson
1965 William G. Phillips
1967 Delvin A. Hilkemeier
1967/MS ’69 William C. McNamara
1967 Terry E. Sutton
1968 Ronald C. Aho
1968 Conrad J. Brewer
1968 Robert J. Corrigan
1968 William E. Dittman
1969 Charles L. Lay
1969 Grace L. (Wilber) Tangen
1970 James E. Nelson
1971 (MEd) Marvin A. Parks
1971 Beverly A. (Lamb) Schultz
1973 Theodore O. Eifealdt
1974 Harlan M. Scheibe
1976 Julie A. Bortnem
1976 Ralph E. Gunther, Jr.
1976 Daryl E. Hardy
1978 (MS) Paul J. Peeters
1982 Todd W. Hunter
1983 Larry D. Johnson
1986/MS ’89 Thomas G. Easterly
1986 (MS) Duane D. Flemmer
1986 Steven R. Molde
1992 Gregory R. Barnett
1998 Brent J. Beitelspacher
1998 Joshua A. Stansbury
2000 Kathryn M. (Wackel) Rikansrud
2001 Shane M. Cronin
2001 Kelli L. Dosch
2004 (MS) John F. Hockett
2004/BS ’11 Jonathan N. Jenks
2006 Donald “DJ” J. Fischer
2010/BS ’11 Scott C. Heisel
2011 Kathryn A. Jones
Allan G. Doering (Faculty)
Gilbert L. Kittelson (Aggie)
David Willis (Faculty)

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