Class Notes


Jennifer Schuler ’07 and Aaron Norgaard ’07 – September 17, 2011. Aaron is stationed with the CBWTU-UT at Camp Williams, UT. Jennifer is an RN at Avera McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls.

Sarah Morrison ’08 and Brian Speltz ’11 – October 1, 2011. Sarah is a quality assurance manager at Swiss Valley Farms in Spring Valley and Brian is a milk quality aftermarket specialist at S&S Dairy Systems in St. Charles. They live in Chatfield, MN.

Karna Meyer ’09/MS ’11 and Daniel Ziemer ’08 – November 12, 2011. Karna is an elementary school counselor at Tiospa Zina Tribal School and Daniel is a physical therapist at Big Stone Therapies. They live in Sisseton.

Heather Wisner ’10 and Sam Butterfield – Feb 18, 2012. They live in Bloomington, MN.


Kelly (Kampmann) ’99/MEd ’05 and John Neill, a girl, Khloe Louise, born November 11, 2011. Kelly is the K-12 principal for the Elkton School District. They live in Elkton.

Linda (Fogelberg) PharmD ’99 and Jeff Evenson a girl, Evalee Leona, April 11, 2011. Linda is the pharmacy manger at United Hospital District, Blue Earth, MN. They live at Minnesota Lake, MN.

Blake PharmD ’00 and Marcia (Dammann) ’99 Plender, a boy, Trevor Austin, born August 5, 2011. Blake is a pharmacist at Dutch Mill Pharmacy and Marcia is a stay-at-home mom. They live in Orange City, IA.

Nathan ’03 and Julie (Raeder) ’03 Schumacher, twin boys, Evan John and Jaden Edward, born September 2, 2011. Nathan is a probation officer and Julie is a nutrition professor at Illinois State University. They live in Normal, IL.

Scott ’03 and Molly Nedved, a boy Niles Scott, January 6, 2012. They live in Polk City, IA.

George ’04 and Jill (Murra) ’04 Mollner, a girl, Hailey Mae, born November 17, 2011. They live in Sioux Falls.

Avery ’05 and Melissa (Laverman) PharmD ’08 Lapic, a daughter, Morgan Shelby, born Jan. 26, 2012. Melissa is a pharmacist at the Nebraska Medical Center and Avery is the quality safety manager at Midwest Aviation-Kiewit. They live in Omaha, NE.

Mark ’07 and Kayla (Huber) ’07 Oelkers, a boy, Tristan J., born on May 5, 2011. Mark works at POET and Kayla works at Minnehaha County Juvenile Detention Center in Sioux Falls. They live in Hartford.

Dustin ’08 and Lindsey (Hoff) ’07 Esche a boy, Zachary Arthur, born December 8, 2011. Dustin is a design engineer at Angus Palm Industries and Lindsey is a marketing and communications manager at Wurth Electronics Midcom. They live in Watertown.


Kermit C. Torve ’52 received the Fifty Year Award for membership to the Hermosa Masonic Lodge Feb. 11, 2012. He lives in Rapid City.

Verne E. Carlson ’55 PE retired December 2011 as an engineer/estimator for Duininck Construction of Prinsburg, MN, after 25 years of service. He lives in Willmar, MN.

Curtis D. Brudos ’58 has been selected by the SDSU College of Engineering as a 2012 Distinguished Engineer. He received the award May 1st. Brudos lives in Parker, CO.

Charles M. Rogers MEd ’66 has written a book, titled “South Dakota’s Challenges Since 1960.” Copies are available at the SD Art Museum and the SD Agricultural Heritage Museum on the campus of SDSU. Rogers lives in Sioux Falls.

Dale A. Jans ’74 has been selected by the SDSU College of Engineering as a 2012 Distinguished Engineer. He received the award May 1st. Jans lives in Sioux Falls.

Thomas D. Steever ’75 currently serves as the president of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting. He is an agricultural reporter and news anchor for Brownfield Ag News. Steever lives in Jefferson City, MO.

Kenneth L. Anderson ’77 currently serves as the president of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Foundation. He is an agricultural reporter and news anchor for Brownfield Ag News. Anderson lives in Lincoln, NE.

Beth M. (Anderson) Kaspar ’80 has been selected by the SDSU College of Engineering as a 2012 Distinguished Engineer. She received the award on May 1st. Kaspar lives in Odenton, MD.

Michael S. McKnight ’81, a partner at Boyce, Greenfield, Pashby & Welk LLP, has been inducted as a fellow into the College of Workers Compensation Lawyers. He lives in Sioux Falls.

David J. Mahoney ’84, PE, based in Dewberry’s Fairfax, Virginia, office, has been promoted to executive vice president. He lives in Centreville, VA.

Neil J. Sogge ’85 has translated from Danish the book “The Red Meadows” by Ole Juul. The publisher is Xlibris. Sogge lives in Bellingham, WA.

Edward J. Wallner ’86 recently completed his MBA degree from Southern Methodist University. He works as a senior safety electronics engineer at Delphi Electronics, Kokomo, IN. Wallner has authored ten automotive patents. He lives in Westfield, IN.

Russ A. Matthys ’87, city engineer for Eagan, MN, was named the City Engineer of the Year by the City Engineers Association of Minnesota Jan. 25. He lives in Apple Valley, MN.

Dr. Troy E. Meink ’88 of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) has received the Dr. Joseph V. Charyk Award at the National Space Club’s 55th Annual Robert H. Goddard Memorial Dinner held March 30th. The NRO is a joint Department of Defense-Intelligence Community organization. Meink lives in Nokeville, VA.

Darwyn “Kirby” L. Kleffman ’90 is the new director of ED/Trauma/CCU for Sanford Aberdeen Medical Center. He lives in Aberdeen.

Lori L. Winkelman ’90 has been selected for inclusion in the 2012 Southwest Super Lawyers list. She is a partner at Quarles & Brady LLP and lives in Tempe, AZ.

Michael J. Headley ’92 became the director of the Sanford Underground Laboratory in Lead Oct. 1, 2011. Headley is the grandson of former SDSU President John Headley, who served from 1952-57. He lives in Spearfish.

Kristin L. (Jorgenson) Bisgard ’96/MS ’98 received the American Water Works Association’s George Warren Fuller Award in June 2011 for leadership and contributions for advancing the water works practice in South Dakota. She is a project engineer for Banner Associates’ Brookings. Bisgard also lives in Brookings.

Chris J. Huls ’99 has been selected to receive the Sioux Falls Synergy Dave Duman Member of the Year Award for leadership. Huls joined the organization in 2006. He lives in Sioux Falls.

Nicole M. Seefeldt ’99 recently became a health assistant for Accolade Inc., based in Plymouth Meeting, PA. She lives in Easton, PA.

Paul Sanow ’00 has been promoted to business development director for Sioux Falls and Brandon for Stockwell Engineers. He lives in Sioux Falls.

Christine M. Rivera ’03 has been promoted to the agency services director for the Food Bank of Western New York. She lives in Hamburg, NY.

Dan D. Aesoph ’04 has been selected to receive the Sioux Falls Synergy Ambassador of the Year Award. He joined the organization in 2011. He lives in Sioux Falls.

Katie McGuire ’08 has been selected to represent the S.D. Air National Guard as a member of the “Tops in Blue.” The Tops in Blue is an expeditionary show choir/band that travels the world performing for troops and families in the US military. She lives in Avon.

Chris Hey ’11 is now a first officer for American Eagle Airlines and is based in Chicago, IL.


1931 Arletta L. (Wurster) Tisher

1936 Gladys S.A. (Lees) McCrary

1937 Gertrude W. (Christensen) Mullinix

1938 Lillian M. (Liemohn) Svec (Aggie)

1938 Ralph A. “Pete” Reeve

1939 Dagny C. Gullerud

1939 Mary L. (Dunn) Bartelt

1939 Scheldon S. Coe

1940 Delpa L. (Marvin) Masson

1940 Harold T. Wik

1940 Marion E. Lucca

1940 Marvis L. (Paterson) Wiseman

1942 Donald L. R. Hansen

1942 Robert H. Johnson

1943 Eileen (Mach) Berg

1943 Herbert J. Hieb (Aggie)

1943 Mildred “Mid” I. Rietz

1944 Homer E. Fairchild

1944 Lois I. (Schultz) Baun

1946 Wendell L. Rea

1946 Winifred R. (Wiswall) Jordan

1947 Just J. Andersen (Aggie)

1947 Lois E. Petersen

1947 Robert G. Vessey

1948 Denver R. Parks

1948 Elliott B. Johnson

1948 Katerine M. (Theisen) Petersen

1948 Loyl R. Thomas

1948/MS ’56 Harvey C. DeBoer

1949 John J. Helgerson

1949 Violet V. (Bakke) Bushman

1950 (MS) Donald F. Petersen

1950 Emil E. Vavra

1950 Gale L. Dutcher

1950 Lyle V. Jensen

1950 Warren R. Kemp

1951 Carl G. Renz

1951 Kentner B. Wilson

1952 Anton L. Ruttum

1952 Carola E. (Koehn) Marking

1952 JoAnn (Coughlin) Cheever

1952 Leon A. Johnson

1952 Walter H. Johnson

1952/MS ’58 Paul W. Bergman

1953/MS ’59 John J. Mortvedt

1954 Virginia W. (Fix) McConnon

1955 Anita F. (Frey) Gibson

1955 Clyde L. Tyler

1956 (MS) John D. Orr

1956 (MS) Joshua F. Robinson

1956 Harold D. Backlund

1956/MS ’59 Norma P. Christopherson

1957 Caroline J. (Claybourn) Eberlein

1957 Gordon F. Goodrich

1957 Herbert J. Bandelman

1957 Norman R. Allstot

1957 Orville E. Noeldner

1957 Thomas J. Fischbach

1957/MEd ’71 Robert “Bob” F. Dobrenski

1958 Leno D. Berg

1959 Donald R. Otterness

1959 Edwin M. HIll

1959 Jean A. (Hogan) Kane

1959 Ray N. Telkamp

1959/MEd ’74 Marlin “Pete” A. Pedersen

1960 (MS) Thomas F. McGauley

1960 Dale E. Wiesner

1960 Francis “Frank” L. Owens

1960 Howard L. Dixson

1960 Merrill S. Zschomler

1960 Richard E. Thoelke

1961 Audrey E. (Anderson) Benrud

1961 Benedict D. Motis

1961 Donald A. Anderson

1961 Duane B. Walther

1961 Gary F. King, Sr.

1961 Patricia A. (Fleming) Sage

1962 Elizabeth E. Williams

1962 Harold L. Stoltenburg

1962 Martin Steininger

1963 Larry L. Wright

1965 Richard Harter

1966 Thomas L. Kraft

1967 James K. Sadler

1967 John “Jack” F. Reich

1968 Mahlon “Lon” R. Thiele

1969 (MEd) Norman J. Johnson

1969 Dale E. Haug

1970 (MS) Gerald F. Heil

1970 James A. Michaels

1970 Leo D. Stapleton

1970 Richard A. Gunderson

1970 Terry D. Moe

1971 Larry B. Vroman

1972 (MEd) Barbara A. Ward-Doherty

1972 Edward L. Watkins

1973 James D. Talley

1974 (MEd) Rose M. (Tuynman) Pulford

1974 (MS) Virgil C. Sandvig

1975 Deborah (Reed) Kessler

1975 Douglas D. Cockrell

1976 Dennis D. Whisney

1977 Kevin P. Tschetter

1978/MS 1988 Kevin “Doc” J. Blom

1981 MEd 1981 Gail E. (Rohrer) Means

1983 David L. Shumaker

1983 Scott G. Lanam

1985 James V. Acker

1985 Michael W. Carlson

1986 (MEd) Darlene (Reinschmidt) Newman

1987/MS ’91 Karl E. Kappenman

1988 (PhD) Texas (Sabine) Swanjord

2008 Deborah J. (Dykstra) Cook

Albert W. Kranzler (Faculty)

Edward L. Meyer (Faculty)

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