Class Notes


Nicole Christiansen ’01 and Eliot Lucas, April 16, 2016. Nicole is a reference assistant at the Northern State University library and Eliot is a graphic designer at McQuillen Creative Group. They live in Aberdeen.


Annette (Brand) ’97/Pharm.D. ’99 and Matthew ’98 Johnson, Gabriel Matthew, born Jan. 20, 2016. They reside in Sioux Falls.

Kelly (Ranvik) ’02 and David ’08 Everding, a boy, August, born March 1, 2016. They reside in Canton.

Alison and Derek ’04 Harwood, a girl, Ava, born March 13, 2016. They reside in Shakopee, Minnesota.

Jessica (Mueller) ’06/M.S. ’10 and Kasey Kirkham, a boy, Kolby Eugene, born July 12, 2015. Jessica is an adjunct faculty member at SDSU. They live in Brookings.

Melissa (Olsem) ’06 and James ’07 Vande Weerd, a girl, Ashlyn, born Jan. 1, 2016. They reside in Bruce.

Cassie (Herschman) ’06 and Philip Hartgrave, a boy, Henry, born May 26, 2016. They reside in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Amy (Edleman) ’07 and Travis Arnold, a girl, Sadie Grace, born March 13, 2016. They reside in Watertown.

Melissa ’07 Haskins-Rinehart and Bryan ’02 Rinehart, a boy, Denver David, born May 29, 2016. They reside in Chamberlain.

Ashley (Stuefen) ’08 and Joseph ’08 Arthur, a boy, Griffin, born May 4, 2016. They reside in Brookings.

Sara (Stauffer) ’08 and Kristofer Roberts, a girl, Carolynn, born April 4, 2016. They reside in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Angela (Moen) ’08 and Todd ’08 Hill, a girl, Seriana, born July 9, 2016. They reside in Omaha, Nebraska.

Rachel (Poppinga) ’08/Pharm.D. ’10 and Matthew ’07/M.S. ’09/M.S. ’12 Pajl, a boy, Eli, born Jan. 13, 2016. They reside in Sioux Falls.

Brittney (Carlson) ’10 and Nathan ’13, a boy, Elliot, born March 14, 2016. They reside in Sioux Falls.

Alli (Arnold) ’10 and Ryan ’10 Kuhlman, a boy, Rogen, born Feb. 16, 2016. They reside in St. Peter, Minnesota.

Kelsey (Campbell) ’10 and Kyle Marker, a boy, AJ, born Jan. 21, 2016. They reside in Brookings.

Briana (Wirth) ’10 and Daniel Hanson, a girl, Blaise Marilyn, born June 16, 2016. They reside in Aurora, Colorado.

Danielle (Morris) ’10 and Adam Polley, twins, Grayson and Brooks, born May 3, 2016. They reside in Hartford.

Sara (Ackman) ’10 and Tyler Schneider, a boy, Aiden James, born June 29, 2016. They reside in Brookings.

Kathrine Richards ’10, a boy, Garrett, born Feb. 19, 2016. She resides in Owatonna, Minnesota.

Kelsey (Aune) ’11 and Jared Clausen, a boy, Micah, born Feb. 14, 2016. They reside in Minneapolis.

Christi (Wagner) ’12 and Michael ’08/M.S. ’08 Holbeck, a boy, Nolan Scott, born June 26, 2016. They reside in Brookings.

Kayla (Warkenthien) ’13 and Drew ’11 Edleman, twins, Lauren and Julianne, born March 30, 2016. They reside in Willow Lake.

Cory ’15 (M.S.) and Rhonda Begley, a girl, Brinley Ray, born March 9, 2016. They reside in Sioux Falls.


Douglas J. Austen ’81 was awarded the Gerald H. Cross Alumni Leadership Award from Virginia Tech’s Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation and the College of Natural Resources and Environment’s Leadership Institute. He resides in Enola, Pennsylvania.

Jane (McKee) Smith ’83 has been appointed by the Secretary of the Army to senior research scientist for hydrodynamic phenomena at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Engineering Research and Development Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi. She is the first woman to be appointed to this position, which is the civilian equivalent to a Brigadier General. She resides in Vicksburg.

Mike J. Veal ’85 was promoted to global operations director for Stanley Consultants. He resides in Davenport, Iowa.

Mohamad Amri Sahari ’87 was promoted to president and group CEO of MSM Malaysia Holdings Bhd and Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd in July 2015.

Sheryl (Doering) Meshke ’88 was promoted to co-president and CEO of Associated Milk Producers Inc. in November 2015. She resides in Lake Crystal, Minnesota.

Brenda Donelan ’89/M.S. ’91/ Ph.D. ’00 has written a book titled “Art of Deception.” It is the fourth book in the University Mystery Series. She lives in Sioux Falls.

Gretchen (Cool) Ulmer ’90 was recently awarded the 100 Great Iowa Nurses Award for 2016 by the Iowa Nurses Association. She is employed at Mercy Medical Center and lives in Marion, Iowa.

Nicole (Petersen) Pullman ’93 has been promoted by InComm to vice president of marketing. She lives in Crooks and commutes to Atlanta, Georgia.

Peter C. Rice ’06 received the Colonel Finley R. Hamilton Outstanding Military Musician Award for the second time in 2015. Peter resides in Huntsville, Alabama.

Cory Murner ’08 joined the team at HOK as a landscape architect. He resides in St. Louis, Missouri.

Savannah (Cummings) Tranchell M.S. ’11 is now editor of “Here We Have Idaho,” the alumni magazine of the University of Idaho. She resides in Moscow, Idaho.


1940 Vida M. (Workman) Reed (Aggie)
1940/M.S. ’56 Jerome E. Kleinsasser
1941 Cecil B. Shepherd Jr.
1941 Roy C. Crisman (Aggie)
1945 F. Mary (Schalkle) Michel
1945 Marvelyn T. (Tollgaard) Kessler (Aggie ’41)
1945 Roland A. Chicoine
1946 Bernard M. Beastrom (Aggie)
1949 Yvonne E. (Sabo) Hutchinson
1950 Beverly A. (Rude) Craddock
1950 Elden P. Kellar
1950 George W. Ladd
1950 Jean (Hawkins) Stokke
1950 Kenneth G. Leslie
1950 Marvin J. Schaeffer
1951 Dale R. Dunn
1951 Herbert L. Fromm
1951 Priscilla D. (Parks) Lee
1951 Robert A. Wilkens
1952 Karyl P. Card
1952 Kermit L. Nelson
1953 Norman D. Johnson
1953 Reva (Palmerton) Kurtz
1953 Wayne P. Wagner
1955 Alma L. (Reeve) Ellerton
1955 James O. Edwards
1955 Robert O. Carlson
1956 John G. Begeman
1956 Leonard C. Welter
1956 Neil G. Crance
1956 Robert N. Duxbury
1956/M.S. ’68 Arthur A. Kruse
1958 David H. Peden
1959 John H. ’Jack’ Koopman
1959 Leo F. Hammrich
1959 Marjorie J. (Lease) Hubert
1959 Rexford D. Singer
1960/M.S. ’67 Pierce R. Leavitt
1961 (M.Ed.) Percy F. Tornow
1961 Eugene A. Ulring
1961 John ’Jack’ C. Dillon
1961 Larry D. Wolff
1963/M.S. ’67 Thomas F. Kascoutas
1964 (M.Ed.) Burdell G. Lund
1964 David A. Hanson
1965 Dennis R. Little
1966 (M.S.) Adeline M. (Klamm) Van Hove
1967 (M.Ed.) Richard R. Mayer
1967 James D. Brix
1967 Larry L. Alber
1967 Lon H. Minier
1968/M.S. ’69 Kerwin L. Rakness
1968/M.S. ’69 Larry E. Schmidt
1969 Anthony P. Opem
1970 (M.Ed.) Eloise E. (Walborn) Perry
1970 Bruce D. Kohler
1971 (M.S.) Stephen B. Smith
1971 Steven J. Schroeder
1972 (M.Ed.) Martha J. Malone
1972 Nancy J. (Potter) Davidson
1972 Roger L. Mack
1973 (M.S.) Terry J. Kluthe
1973 Donald C. Rusch
1973 Ronald R. Pedde
1974 Diana L. Mehrens
1974 Robert J. McCormick
1975 Duane N. Bunkowske
1975/M.Ed. ’84 Julie (Jones) Huebner
1976 Paul R. Parker
1977 Timothy R. Page
1981 Elisabeth (Nagele) Rupp
1981 Steve G. Johnson
1985/M.S. ’92 Kenneth D. Lightfield
1986 Daniel L. Pollmann
1987 (M.S.) Richard F. Parsons
1987 Jerome L. Casper
1989 Gregg J. Bollinger
1990/M.S. ’95 Iver P. Mickelson
1991 Christopher A. Sopp
1992 Bradley J. Schneiderman
1993 (M.S.) David L. Jongetjes
1993/M.S. ’08 Kurtis D. Reitsma
1994 Robert J. Connot
1999 (M.Ed.) Pamela J. (Hohn) Brandriet
2003 Dustin D. Tschetter
2006 (M.S.) Robert N. Jackson
2015 Vincent K. Ries
Mayron A. Olson (Faculty)
Norman P. Gambill (Faculty)
Ruth D. Royer (Faculty)

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