Class Notes


Raymond Macri ’69 and Ann Eddinger, Oct. 24, 2015. They live in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Jean Ellen Adler ’82 and Rich Woolworth ’84, Aug. 14, 2013. Jean is retired and Rich is a music composer/arranger. They live in rural Monticello, Wisconsin.

Matt Halvorson ’11 and Jamie Lien, Sept. 19, 2015. Matt works for University Marketing and Communications at SDSU. Jamie works as an occupational therapist for Big Stone Therapies Inc. in Hendricks, Minnesota. They live in Brookings.

Heidi Oakland ’11/Pharm.D. ’13 and Thomas Hagena ’10, Aug. 8, 2015. Heidi is a pharmacist at Avera McKennan. Thomas is an admissions counselor for SDSU. They live in Sioux Falls.


Annie (Haefner) ’02 and Samuel Culliton, a boy, Elliott Charles, born Oct. 1, 2015. They live in Maurice, Louisiana.

Holly (Boomsma) ’03 and Mark Lehmkuhl, a girl, Alexandra Edith, born April 11, 2015. Holly is a bridge engineer for GBA and Mark is a contracts manager for Kiewit. They live in Lenexa, Kansas.

Lynn (Stoneburner) ’03 and Rob Mesteth, a boy, Brody Roger, born Aug. 10, 2015. Lynn is an attorney at Dwyer Law Office. Rob is a service plumber at Home Heating & Plumbing. They live in West Fargo, North Dakota.

George ’04 and Jill (Murra) ’04 Mollner, a girl, Aubrey June, born Sept. 21, 2015. They live in Sioux Falls.

Zac ’10 and Leah (Roemen) ’11 Perrizo, a girl, Grace Roemen, born Oct. 18, 2015. Zac is a pilot for CBM Managed Services and Leah is an RN for Sanford Spine Center. They live in Sioux Falls.


Robert Mottram ’62 has been named an #1 Best Selling Author for his latest book, Think Like Your Dog and Enjoy the Rewards, co-authored with his daughter. He lives in Anacortes, Washington.

Douglas Wertish ’75 was recently inducted into the Rice County Agriculture Hall of Fame. He lives in Faribault, Minnesota.

Brenda Donelan ’89/M.S. ’91/Ph.D. ’00 has written a book titled Murder To Go. It is the third book in the University Mystery Series. She lives in Sioux Falls.

Jeffrey Nesheim ’95 was recently promoted to the commanding office of the Naval Submarine Support Command. He lives in Saint Marys, Georgia.

Leah (Lenards) Reichling ’97 received the 2015 Eide Bailly Business Employee of the Year Award for the Sioux Falls Sanford Region. She is employed at Sanford Clear Lake and lives in Clear Lake.

Kellie Smoller (M.Ed.) ’97 was recently awarded the 2015 Emerson Excellence in Teaching Award. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

Daniel Pirkl ’97/M.S. ’99 is the new Mankato Resident Construction Engineer for the Owatonna (Minnesota) Department of Transportation. He lives in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota.

Shad Schmidt ’02 coached the 2015 Minnesota State High School Play-Ball All Star Series North Team. He teaches agriculture at Osakis High School, serves as head baseball coach and assistant football coach. He lives in Osakis, Minnesota.

Scott Kutscher ’08 was promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army in October. He is currently stationed at West Point, New York.

Kyle Avocato ’12 received his Naval Aviation Wings of Gold June 19, 2015. He became an officer in the Navy and will now fly the Poseidon P-8. He is currently based in Jacksonville, Florida.


1932 Grace (Lathrop) Bell (Aggie School)
1940 Margaret E. (Costlow) Dyson
1941 Jack H. Werts
1942 Cordus L. (Lounsbery) Behrend
1942 Marie L. (Bonell) Johnson
1942 Gale M. Thayer
1944 Shirley (White) DeZotell
1944 Elizabeth E. Kiser
1944 Phyllis L. (Spry) Miller
1944 Vinetta A. (Johnson) Rector
1946/M.S. ’50/Ph.D. ’60 Robert A. Wilcox
1947 Esther M. (Madsen) Hanson
1948 Gene M. Amdahl
1948 Catherine B. (Bronson) Cholik
1948 Eldon Thornber (Aggie School)
1949 Lois E. (Christianson) Herbert
1950 Carl P. Andersen
1950/M.S. ’61 J. Duane Colburn
1950 Georgia L. (Sime) Gerken
1950 Richard D. Pittenger
1950 Wayne V. Skaggs
1951 Harold L. Lynn
1953 Allan L. Lovaas
1953 Roger A. Miller
1953/M.S. ’57 Wayne E. Sinning
1954/M.S. ’62 Marilyn J. (Nicholson) Chapman
1955 Richard D. Lovaas
1957 Carolyn (Metsker) Assam
1957/M.Ed. ’61 Alan R. Evans
1957 Robert “Pat” McMahon
1957 James A. Vellenga
1958 Rodney A. Christensen
1958/M.S. ’65 Clayton W. Knofczynski
1958 Beverly J. Bucholz O’Connell
1958 M.J. “Lucky” Schafer
1959 Ronald E. Eastman
1959/M.S. ’60 Gene E. Murra
1960 Harold W. Flesner
1960/M.S. Harvey G. Young
1961 Roy R. Jennings
1961 Duane H. Stuerman
1962 Larry D. Costain
1962 Charles M. Coyne
1964 Joy F. (Swanson) Bale
1964 Karen A. (Smith) Bridges
1964 Mary E. (Walser) Elrod
1964 Gary R. Nelson
1965/M.S. Milton “Doc” F. Archer
1965 Carol J. Herman Mathews
1965 John R. Wood
1966/M.S. Raymond J. Greenwood
1966 Barry L. Grote
1966/M.Ed. William E. Horeis
1967 Dennis S. Hardy
1968 Robert W. Hanson
1968 Elaine G. (Gilbertson) Price
1968 Doris A. (Glantz) Roden
1968 Henry J. Solsaa
1969/M.S./Ph.D. ’75 Charles R. McMullen
1969/M.S. ’71 Richard W. Sawrey
1970/M.Ed. James J. Schnitzer
1971 Dale E. Shjegstad
1972/M.S. Basilio Gonzalez
1973 James D. Fargen
1973 Gary M. Grey
1976 Barbara L. (Bachand) Schipper
1985 George R. Hohwieler
1989 Carron R. (Thomas) Sletten
1990 Connie Ann Koehler Buending
1991 Carole L. (Krell) Doetzel
1993 Paul J. Hanneman
1995 Kevon J Graslie
1996 Scot J. Brost
1996 Leann M. (Neisius) Klein
2001 Debbie (Kumm) Carrow
2006 Renee L. (Felt) Schulte
2014 Samuel R. Garrity
Darlene M. Spease (Faculty)
Norma Vanderpan (Faculty)
Renata Jadwiga Budzilowicz Wnuk (Faculty)

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