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Becky Wek ’06 and Timothy Wiese – Oct. 10, 2015. They both work at Tri-State Welding and Metal Fabrication. They live in Valley Springs.


Laura (Geraets) ’05 and Austen Stewart ’05, a boy, Grady Michael, born March 18, 2015. Laura works from home. Austen is chief project manager at SBI General and Mechanical. They live in rural Newcastle, Nebraska.
Charlie ’06 and Erin Grossenburg, a boy, Liam John, born Jan. 29, 2015. Charlie is the vice president of Grossenburg Implement. They live in Winner.
Ashley (Henning) ’07 and Jared Baszler, a boy, Logan Alan, born Jan 30, 2015. Ashley is a registered nurse with Brookings Health System. Jared is the lead software developer at SoDak Labs. They live in Brookings.


Mary G. (O’Connell) Hughes ’37 celebrated her 100th birthday March 9, 2015. She lives in Pierre.
Henrietta Gohring ’49 celebrated her 90th birthday March 15, 2015. She lives in Brookings.
Caryl R. (Kinkner) Crozier ’60 has written a book titled “Waking to Mourning Doves.” The publisher was Wingspan Press. She lives in Burnsville, Minnesota.
John K. Bruce ’64/MS ’67 was inducted into the S.D. High School Coaches Association Hall of Fame in July 2014. He lives in Britton.
Jim Morgan ’69/MS ’70 was appointed by Governor Dennis Daugaard to the S.D. Board of Regents effective March 23, 2015. He lives in Brookings.
Dan F. Jorgensen ’69/MS ’74 has written a new novel titled “And The Wind Whispered.” The publisher is Bygone Era Books of Denver. He lives in Broomfield, Colorado.
David Eiesland ’74 is the business relationship manager for the new Sioux Falls branch of Heritage Bank. He lives in Sioux Falls.
John W. Bastian ’77 was appointed by Governor Dennis Daugaard to the S.D. Board of Regents effective Dec. 29, 2014. He lives in Belle Fourche.
Michael D. Buseman ’83, chief global logistics and operations officer at Avnet Inc., has been named the 2015 Supply & Demand Chain Executive Pro to Know.  He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Kristi L. (Rue) Hoffman ’87 was promoted in February to portfolio director for Gassen Company Inc., a Twin Cities property and homeowners association management company. She lives in Mound, Minnesota.
Gretchen (Allison) Kirchmann ’96 is the director of sponsorship and public relations for AKSARBEN Rodeo & Stock Show. She lives in Box Elder.
Timothy Schlotterback ’98 was promoted to lieutenant colonel in the S.D. Army National Guard and also works as a process automation engineer at Poet in Sioux Falls. He lives in Sioux Falls.
Alex S. Halbach ’07 was named a partner with the Cutler Law Firm LLP, Jan. 1, 2015. He lives in Sioux Falls.
Lester D. Flake, SDSU Distinguished Professor Emeritus, recently authored a book titled “Finding Paradise in South Dakota: Gundogs, Pheasants, Prairie Grouse and More.” His book is available at He lives in Springville, Utah.


1933 Iola (Gubrud) Kurtz (Aggie)
1938 Grace C. (Lees) Kurtz
1938 Lyle R. Johnson (Aggie)
1939 Henry W. Callihan
1940 Otto F. Sckerl
1941 Marjorie T. (Anderson) Price
1941 Robert “Bob” F. DeLay
1942 Harriet A. (Allen) Andrews
1942/M.S. ’59 Boyd J. Bonzer
1943 Marion (Stafford) Judy
1945 Lou F. Michalek
1947 Elaine L. (Kleinsasser) Johnson
1947 John R. Billington
1947 Robert Hedman
1948 Harriet E. (Miner) Brown
1948 Lois L. (Linn) Miller
1949 Howard C. Proud
1949 Marjorie J. (Zieske) Meyer
1949 Vinson R. Oviatt
1950 Charles P. Curry
1950 Robert “Bob” D. Schulz
1950 Sidney A. Johnson
1950/M.Ed. ’59 Donald C. Jorgenson
1951 Gerald W. Strub
1951 Maynard L. Freier
1951/M.Ed. ’58 William T. Cook
1952 Peter J. Hoidal
1953 Charles N. Meier
1953 M.S. John M. Erickson
1953 George E. Lohr
1953 Robert V. Rudebusch
1954 Murray D. Widdis, Jr.
1955 A.A. Betty A. (Humphrey) Olson
1956 Charlotte M. (Bryant) Schuttler
1956 Donald R. Krull
1956 Henry M. Stahr
1956 Julia F. Davis
1956 Richard “Dick” K. Haisch
1956/M.S. ’59 Eleanor (Dougherty) Cochrane
1957 Harold D. Gallagher
1957 Harold G. Hofer (Aggie)
1957 Theodore J. Condit
1959 Alyce M. (Halvorson) Harms
1959 LaVerne E. Arhart (Aggie)
1959 Norval “Gene” Luke
1959/M.S. ’62 Frank C. Estes
1960 Joyce E. Graber
1960 Paul J. Ruppert
1960/M.S. ’62 Mearl C. Mahl
1961 M.Ed. Lewis E. Gomer
1961 Paul R. Tande
1962 Dorothy R. (Roth) Bauder
1962 James L. Hausman
1962 Vernon C. Maunu
1963 Ph.D. Gerald A. Myers
1963 Karen A. Luken
1965 Patricia N. (Wallace) Glasrud
1965 M.S. ’69/Ph.D. ’73 James D. Smolik
1965 M.S. ’70 Ron P. Kockelman
1966 David J. Keen
1966 Zane B. Dickinson
1967 M.Ed. Bruce W. Foster
1967 Merle G. Derdall
1968 Alan R. Sternquist
1968 Thomas L. Stolp
1969 Gary M. Kurtenbach
1970 Darwin L. Gonnerman
1970 David A. Roby
1970 Stephen Crocker
1971 Lee W. Thormodsgaard
1972 Maynard P. Hofer
1973 Catherine A. (Wilber) Madson
1973 Steven C. Munson
1974 Clark P. Wigley
1975/M.S. Kathryn (Lundin) Uken
1977 Darwin K. Forkrud
1977 Mary P. Lipelt
1978 M.S. Gordon J. Kuik
1980 M.Ed. Mary E. (Bullard) May
1981 M.Ed. James W. Nielsen
1982 Lois L. Taylor
1984 Henry W. Andrusick
1984 M.S. Michael R. Broschart
1988 Kay J. (Bauman) Gerry
1990 M.S. Christopher L. Austin
1992 Cheryl A. (Duffel) Hoffman
1993 Jeffrey J. Kuper
1993 Steve A. Bierle
1995 Brad S. Loeffler
1996 Jason K. Schwartz
1996/M.S. ’99 Kieron J. Murphy
2013 Tia A. Krier

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    Sarah (Hertz) ’10 and Dustin Belden ’11, a boy, Hunter James, born Dec. 27, 2014. Dustin is an Industrial Engineer at Polaris. Sarah is an RN at Sanford Vermillion. They live in Elk Point.

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