50-Year Club Reunion



This past May the class of 1966 returned to campus to celebrate their 50-year reunion of graduating from SDSU.

Back Row/Left to Right, Paul Longden ’66, Merlyn Tidemann ’66, Carol Bergh ’66, Roger
Tilberg ’66, Carolyn (Juell) Berg ’66

Third Row/Left to Right, Sue (Nicolai) Mattson ’66, Marly (Cleveland) Van Berkum ’66,
Del Johnson ’66, Dale Kurtenbach ’66, Dick Pletcher ’66/M.S. ’71

Second Row/Left to Right, Joyce (Baxter) Skelton ’66/M.S. ’79, Judy Glawe ’66, Joyce (Gilbert) Jones ’67, Nyla (Christensen) Christensen ’66/M.S. ’76, Jan (Cressman) Stofferan ’66

Front Row/Left to Right, Jens Christensen ’66, Orv Smidt ’66/M.S. ’73, Bob Babbitt ’66, Cathy (Drews) Voelzke ’66/M.S. ’88

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